The trail starts in Ieriķi - 1 kilometer from Cecīļu nature trail information point. The trail includes different lenght of routes and near are 4 rivers.

The total lenght of trail is 12 km. A hike can take about +/- 5 h. 

You can visit the trail at any time of the year.

The smallest route of the trail is 2 km and the trail is marked with the  green arrows.

On the right bank of the  River Kumada you can see Cecīļu Rock who is about 100 meters long and more than 10 meters high.  There you can see small niches called - Devil's room. Also you can see - canyon, cave and waterfall of Dancupite, travertine outcrops and Cecilu pine tree which is one of the Latvia great fortresses. Fossils fragments of Placodermi was found in  the River Daņčupīte and now these fossils fragments you can look in Cecīļu nature trail information point. Placodermi lived from the Silurian to the end of the Devonian period, which is the fourth geologic period of the era Paleozoic, which lasted 56 million years.

The story says that the devil and two witches was lived in the Cecīļu Rock. They were dancing every midnight in front of the cliff. The devil has grown up.  He wanted to fill up River Kumada, he took the sand and carried it to the river. The devil was scared from cock singing and and escaped into the cave, the sand has spilled over to the Devil's room, forming a hill. The devil has not been seen since then.

The trail to the Dzilnas Rock is 4 km and the trail is marked with yellow dots.

The trail goes along the right bank of  the River Kumada and along the left bank of the River Amata. There is a charming view over the valley of the River Amata from Dzilnas Rock.  The Rock is 40 m height, 400 m wide sandstone rock outcrop, at winter gets covered with about 10 m high icefall.

The biggest route of the trail  – “Mežonīgie Ķaubi” – is 6 km and marked with blue dots.

The trail goes along the left bank of the River Amata. There is a wild nature with beavers labyrinths. On the right bank of the River Pērļupe  about 300 m form river entraiment is sandstone cave called Pērļupe ( I 33 m , h 2m)  which have 2 entrances.  Next stop is Stūķu Rock - 40 m height. And on the right bank of the  River Amata is Ainavu Cliff - 46 m height.
Difficulty level of the trail is moderately complex with ups and downs.
The best view of sandstoune outcrops is in autumn, winter and in early spring because then the tree leaves still do not flush.

Tourist attraction:

  1. Kumada –left tributary of Amata River. Toatl length is 13 km. 
  2. Cecīļu Rock – approximate height is 10 m, length - 100 m. There is small niches called devil's room.
  3.  Līči, ”Lielais akmens” – the stone is located on the left side of River Amata.
  4. Dančupīte Cave – formed form sandstone ( l = 5,7 m, h = 1,6 m, w = 1,6m ).
  5. Dančupīte Waterfall -  h = 1.9 m. 
  6. Dzilnas Rock – the view form the peak of the Dzilnas Rock On of the most changing rocks in Latvia,h=37.
  7. Travertine outcorps – the palce where the travertine was obtained.
  8. Cecīļu secular pine – the pine circumference is 2.80 meters. The pine is on of the Latvian secular trees.
  9. The fomer Soviet  Army military area – the army warenhouse and officer recreation complex.
  10.  River Amata –the left bank triburaty of the River Gauja. Starts in the Vidzeme highlands from Lake Kūkālis. The total length is 69 km.
  11.  River Pērļupe – the river flows out from sources called Lepekši. The total length is 12km.  
  12. Pērļupes Rock,Pērļupe Cave – the total length of aisle is 33 m, located at the top of the slop near the River Amata where is embouchure of the River Pērļupe.
  13. Stūķu iezis – on the right bank of the River Amata. h=40m
  14. Ķaubu Rock – h=45 m. 
  15. Ainavu Cliff - one of the highest and one of the oldest Latvian cliffs, located on the right bank of the River Amata ( h=46m ).

When you visiting the trail, you need to take care of comfortable clothing and footwear for hiking. Be careful when you walking along the River Pērļupe, because there can be deep beacons created by beavers.
The trail is not suitable for a walk with the baby strollers and designed for cycling.
It is not recommanded to assamble more than 3 people on the bridges , they must be crossed with coution.
During wet weather the trail can be slippery and muddy.